Centre of Excellence in Secondary Education Services in Uganda


To Empower and Inspire Learners To Be Creative, Achieve Academic Excellence and Shine Globally


Going to classes for morning lessons


I will listen attentively

i will value the opinions of others


I will understand how others feel

I will show care for others


I will do the right thing even when no one is watching

I will be sincere and honest

I will honor my commitments


I will set clear goals, stay focused,  and work hard to achieve my goals.

I persevere in the face of my challenges.

Executive Director

Director of the school addressing students in one of the weekly prayer sessions

Mr. Elayu Michael


To prepare our students for the future, we need to provide them with the opportunities to develop the generic skills that are needed for them to become life long learners. Apart from knowledge, we teach our students to develop their skills to acquire, construct and communicate knowledge. They should are also able to collaborate with others, ready to listen and creative in their thinking.

Working together as a team, myself and the staff aim to provide a supportive and caring environment, inspirational teaching, the latest technology and resources, concentrating on embedding the basic skills, while engaging and motivating our students through enrichment activities, to be the best they possibly can be.

Head Teacher

Mr Edamu Patrick


We have an increasing understanding that education is a life-long pursuit for all our young people. With the rapid development of science and technology, the world is now facing complex problems that we have never faced before. To cope with changes, and to ensure changes help develop our society, we teach our students how to understand these complex problems, to be highly knowledgeable, to be able to work collaboratively and in teams, and to be capable of exercising moral judgment and to take a global perspective.

To prepare students to meet future challenges, our education system, just as in many other places, has been undergoing wide-ranging improvement. With the efforts of all dedicated educators including those who are present today, we are delighted to see positive changes in our school. I have confidence that together we can make our students to acquire a broad knowledge base, be able to understand current issues and be informed and responsible citizens with a sense of national and global identity.

Serere Township SS is always in the forefront of providing quality education and takes the lead to try new initiatives, while at the same time upholding its fine tradition.

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Head Teacher Serere Township SS

Mr. Okello Bazilo


Serere Township SS is a community of learners that strives to prepare students for college, careers and opportunities after secondary school.  The staff at Serere Township SS is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive school that aims at creating a community of learners where everyone can succeed.  We do this through holding each community member to high expectations.  Our five major expectations that always drive us daily include:

1)     Encouraging Each Other

2)     Taking Responsibility

3)     Showing Respect

4)     Acting with Integrity

5)     Being Leaders with positive attitude